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Captain America The Winter Soldier Movie Comic-Con Discussion Panel

The Cast of Captain America The Winter Soldier Discuss Their Movie Roles

It is great to see Marvel Entertainment continuing to put out hit after hit movie and movies from all our childhood superhero favorites.  All my life growing up I always wanted to see all the great Marvel Superheros come to life and not in some cheesy, obviously fake production.  Even though we know these movies are fake, they do such a good job that at least for a few hours you forget that and begin to believe it is real.

As for the new Captain America Movie, “The Winter Soldier” well it was great to see the staff present for the fans, but I must say, the first Cap movie really didn’t do it for me.  In fact, I have to say it was my least liked Marvel Movie and many times I even forget they made one.  And now after watching the Winter Soldier interview, I realize why.  Chris Evans, that is why.  He should have stayed on a s the Human Torch, it fit his personality better.  You can see in this panel that he clearly considers this just a job, unlike Nicholas Cage who embraced Ghost Rider and was honored to play the role.  Chris Evans appears to be amazed and relieved that it is doing well because, “It would suck if the Franchise you were Stuck With” failed.  Really?  “Stuck” with Captain America and “Stuck” with the Avengers?  Now I understand why the Captain America movies are so uneventful and lack a staying impression. The success of the Avengers I wouldn’t impart much of that to him. I would direct it towards those that have embraced and honored their roles.

Here is the Video from Comic-Con:

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