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Call of Duty Comic Reveal At Comic-Con 2015

This year at Comic-Con Treyarch the makers of call of duty black ops 3 revealed two things. The first thing they Revealed was the zombies mode for black ops three which was by far the most anticipated reveal Treyarch could have possibly made at Comic Con this year, But they also announced that they would be making an official comic to go along with the game. The Call of Duty certainly is no stranger to comics with comics being made for several games and even a entire comic dedicated to a main character named ghost in Modern warfare 2, But what is new is that Treyarch studios are the ones actually making it unlike the comics in the past that were entirely fan made. Needless to say this was a pleasant and unexpected surprise to the fans of the game which will give them yet another thing to look forward to when the game launches. But unfortunately for now we do not have many details on the comic itself so we’ll have to wait untill more further detail about it is given to even know what its going to be about.black-ops-zombies-kino-der-toten-comicblack-ops-zombies-strategy-guide-wvc6k3km

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